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Mastering JavaScript: From Basics to Beyond

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Hello and welcome to my new course on JavaScript! 🎉

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This course is made of two parts. The first part will cover all the basics of JavaScript you need to know about:

  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two: Basic Data Types
  • Chapter Three: Basic Program Structure
  • Chapter Four: Functions and Functional Programming
  • Chapter Five: Object-Oriented Programming
  • Chapter Six: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Chapter Seven: Debugging JavaScript
  • Chapter Eight: Regular Expressions
  • Chapter Nine: Asynchronous Programming
  • Chapter Ten: JavaScript Modules

In the second part, we’ll make the transition from theory to practice, and discuss how JavaScript works in both frontend and backend environments by building real-world applications:

  • Chapter Eleven: JavaScript and the Document Object Model
  • Chapter Twelve: Event Handling
  • Chapter Thirteen: JavaScript and HTTP
  • Chapter Fourteen: Fullstack JavaScript
  • Chapter Fifteen: Vue.js
  • Chapter Sixteen: Express.js
  • Chapter Seventeen: Single Page Application
  • Chapter Eighteen: TypeScript
  • Chapter Nineteen: JavaScript Best Practices
  • Chapter Eighteen: Miscellaneous Topics

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